Research & Shortlist completed for Overseas Pre-Wedding Shoot Studio!

We've finally completed our research and shortlisted the studio we want to do our overseas pre-wedding shoot with :)

I've also contacted Tiamo Korean Photography and Sarang Wedding. They have a vast range of studios to choose from and even offers videography short mv service which is really great. However, they do not have combo packages of indoor and outdoor shoot. For them, indoor and outdoor shoot are separate packages.

I did not give up asking Hanja Wedding despite them telling me the first time round that due to high cost, they no longer offer videography service. I requested again that they help me source and they came back with such a reasonable quote! Both indoor and outdoor MV shoot will only cost me....$1500! That's unbelievable right? If you want HD top up another $500. With this great news, we no longer need to fret over trying to find another videographer to go with us from SG or those based in Korea. Really troublesome to coordinate with so many parties!

But that's besides the point....combo package indoor & outdoor of $5300 + MV shoot $1500
It's LESS THAN $7K! That's such as good bargain considering we get to go both Jeju and Seoul, not to mention me having 7 different gowns for both indoor and outdoor shoots and of course Dan will also have more suits. We LOVE playing DRESS UP. HAHA!

And the reason for selecting them is of course not just because they are cheaper than the rest of the studios, most importantly value for money and very reasonably priced. I've viewed their portfolio and am really pleased with their work. Their email replies are very prompt and detailed. They are patient in acceding to special requests like mine and of course, very good follow up service rendered.

1 load off our minds :) I'm so excited!