Pre-Wedding Photography cinematography

All the wonderful moments, the experience of us creating our love story, the entire pre-wedding photography process...wishing for these to be captured down in video, not just photographs.

We've discussed and thought maybe to do away with the usual growing up montage. Instead, we will do a pre-wedding photography cinematography. Hope the budget allows! It was my idea and I'm rather surprised Dan said yes readily *chuckles

We only get to do this once, so we better do it well. Don't wanna have any regrets in the years to come, do we?

Watch this and you'll know what I mean! It's really lovely, not to mention loads of fun!;feature=related

Oh and ladies...I certainly do not agree with those who tells me that it is still too early to plan when the actual day is in 2014. I beg to differ. There're tons of research to do and ideas keep popping up! Just when we're sure we want to do this, when we come across another idea that could probably work just as well without breaking our piggy banks, and we go hey! that's something worth exploring.

Plan early....and you'll have ample of time to decide on what you really want. We certainly do not want to be stressed up doing last minute stuff.'s an enjoyable thing to be blogging about the planning process...from scratch :)