MTM or OTR Gowns?

Like many ladies, when I first embarked on my research about bridal boutiques, I came across terms such as OTR (off-the-rack) or MTM (made-to-measure) gowns. Okay, I kinda know what OTR means. But what is the exact definition of MTM?

MTM gowns can be on rental, but you are actually paying a premium to customise your own gown that you will wear for the 1st time. Afterwhich, the gown will be returned back to the boutique and become an OTR gown.

It was rather interesting to read the views and opinions of ladies across all walks of life in the wedding forums. Below are some of their takes on whether to take OTR or MTM gown:

1) The idea of MTM your own gown sounds really exciting. But, if the design that you have in mind doesn't come out the way you want it, it can be a real disappointment. It may even turn out worser than a OTR gown for all you know. Worse still, people cannot tell that it is a MTM gown. Afterall, if you spend tons of money to MTM a gown, you'll have high expectations. There is a risk element. Some BS does not allow you to change to an OTR gown even if the MTM gown turns out ugly.

2) OTR gowns (are mostly worn by ex-brides) are generally safer choices for those without very good visualisation skills of how thhe MTM gowns will turn out to be like. Mainly for ladies who do not mind wearing gowns that other people have donned on before.

3) Huge cost difference between OTR and MTM gowns. For practicality purposes, you're only wearing the gown for 1 day. By paying thousands of dollars to MTM a gown on rental (not yours to keep in the end), is it really worth it?

4) Another side of argument would be MTM gowns allows personal customisation,  something that could be really unique and special. If it turns out really nice, you bet it will helluva leave a lasting impression on your guests for years to come!

What do I feel and think about my decision to either OTR or MTM my gowns after reading all these? I think I do not mind having an OTR Wedding gown if it truly is nice and I look pretty in it. Just need to have slight alterations made in terms of sizing to fit my petite frame. For my EG, I'd actually love to have it MTM. I've some ideas of how I'd like it to be.

Dan and I are quite particular about our outfits. So my guess is we'll probably look at middle range boutiques that are on the higher end scale.

I can be real dreamy about how I want my WG and EG to be like. Afterall, who wouldn't want the best for themselves since it is a once-in-a-lifetime affair? But, there is always a cap on the budget and we must remind ourselves constantly to spend within our means, be contented and stay happy with what we're able to get. There is no end to comparison.

Most importantly, I do agree with what a forumer has said: "It's a wrong mentality to MTM  gown just because you want it to be new and wear it for the first time. It might not be worth the money to do so."