Korea Overseas Bridal Photography

Well, I'm very keen to go Korea and do our bridal photography! Really adore Korean phtography concept and find them very cute. Their style of dressing, makeup, hairstyle are also very different. It'll definitely be a very memorable and exciting process for both Dan and I. We will do the shoot in autumn.

I've shortlisted the following (apparently only 3 I managed to find so far that has bridal studios in Korea itself):

1) Hanja Wedding (Enquired about package rates)

2) Seoul Wedding Express (Enquired about package rates)

3) I-Do Wedding (Enquired about rates but no response)

Let us now take a look at what these 2 bridal shops have quoted me (I'll only talk about the package that I'm interested in as they offer a few different packages):

Hanja Wedding

2 Day Seoul Indoor & Jeju Outdoor Combination Package:

- Korean style in-house makeup and hairdo (2 hrs)
- Korea studio in-house experienced photographer (4 to 5 hrs) indoor photoshoot
- 4 gown changes for bride (wedding gown, evening gown, mini dress & traditional korean gown hanbok)
- 1 tuxedo for groom and up to 2 backdrop matching outfits

- Korean style in-house makeup and hairdo (2 hrs)
- Korea studio in-house experienced photographer 5 to 6 hrs) outdoor photoshoot
- 3 gown changes for bride (wedding gown, evening gown, mini dress & traditional korean gown hanbok)
- 1 tuxedo for groom and up to 2 backdrop matching outfits

- Interpreter
- Transportation to and from hotel on days of photoshoot
- Associated transportation and entrance fees for photoshoot
- 40 page premium korean wedding album (12" x 15")
- 50 edited photos printed in album
- softcopy of all edited photosiels plus 300 unedited high res master shots for each 1 day shoot (current promotion)

They can customise the outdoor photoshoot locations e.g flower fields, modern cafes, traditional town houses, han river etc.

I do have a few other questions for them (pending their reply currently).

Package Price: $5,288 nett

If I do not want the album, it will be $5,038.

Seoul Wedding Express

Star Package (Seoul Indoor photoshoot only):

- 5 to 6 hrs shooting at Seoul Indoor Studio
- Transportation to photoshoot destination
- 1 to 1 korean photographer
- Korean make-up and hairstyling
- Korean designer wedding gowns (5 pcs) and tuxedos (4 sets)
- 1 korean made large portrait in gallery frame
- 1 korean made wedding album (20 single side pages)
- 40 edited photos for wedding album
- 1 coffee table wedding magazine album (20 pages)
- 1 pocket wedding booklet (20 pages)
- Design layout inclusive

- 4 coffee table photo frames (worth $400)
- 50 finished prints postcard 4R (worth $100)
- 250 unedited high res master shots (worth $6250)
- Pre-shoot consultation

Optional Upgrades:
- Add on $1200 to change it to full day outdoor photoshoot
- Add on $1000 to change it to half day indoor & half day outdoor photoshoot
- Add on $300 to upgrade to 30 page wedding album

Original package price: $4988 nett
Total price: $5988 nett (since I want a combination of both indoor & outdoor shoot)

Excluding tips for korean helper (about $100).

Both Hanja Wedding and Seoul Wedding Express packages are exclusive of hotel, airfare and airport transfers costs.


I'll most likely go with Hanja Wedding. Well, reason being they are flexible enough to take out the wedding album and make some deduction ($200 to $250) from the wedding package. We might consider doing the album separately as I found a wedding album maker locally called Glory Workz (need to check out rates first before making final decision).

The items offered by Seoul Wedding Express are similar to what Hanja Wedding offered but with lesser pages in Wedding Album and every page top up requires additional $100 unless I make a one-time top up of $300 to 30 page wedding album! *Gasps. This is exactly why I am considering to get back only softcopies of photos and make the album elsewhere as pure album makers will quote me a fixed price and not add on $100 for every additional page or photograph that I select! This is so ridiculous although I know it is a fairly standard practice in the local bridal shops industry.

Moreover, in the email, Seoul Wedding Express told me that they can do customised packages. Later on, when I mentioned to take out the wedding album etc, they told me they cannot do a package with these items removed but can customise a package at special prices if I wish to include other value added services. This is not called customising packages to me >.<

They told me that all they can do is to exchange the free gifts offered with other equivalent gifts. By the way, the free gifts offered in the Star package namely coffeetable photo frames and postcards are not of much use to us.

For a lesser price with Hanja Wedding, we get to go 2 locations Seoul and Jeju whereas for Seoul Wedding Express, we will only be in Seoul.

Almost every couple I know ended up topping thousands of dollars for the photographs and printing which I think is so not worth it.These bridal shops probably outsource the printing to other vendors and earn double from it. Doesn't make sense to me to let them do it. You can do it yourself too and prevent letting these dishonest bridal shops "carrot" you (they primarily earn from photographs and I've heard of horror stories whereby wedding coordinators show you black face when you refuse to top up for pictures)!