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Trying very hard to cut the wedding budget

May 3, 2012

Dan and I discussed several times on how to cut the wedding budget. We might just opt to have our wedding photographs taken in Seoul only (indoor and outdoor) instead of wanting to do just indoor in Seoul and outdoor in Jeju.

I was planning for our korea itineary and realise it was rather troublesome to fly to Jeju when we do not even have time to cover Seoul! We are intending to spend about 8 days in Seoul (1 day for photoshoot).

This will help to bring the costs down slightly as we do not need to buy the domestic air tickets from Seoul to Jeju and the photoshoot package will also be cheaper too! :)

Hotels Site Reccee

May 3, 2012

We've started to source early for an ideal banquet venue that doesn't erm hems* break our banks! So far, we've been to Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre and Amara Hotel. Below are the pros and cons:

Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre:

Pros - Convenient location, beautiful chandeliers

Cons - 3 big pillars, uneven ceiling height, U-shaped reception, more than 1 ballroom


Amara Hotel:

Pros - Convenient location, hotel outside appearance does not look worn out, pillarless ballroom, 1 ballroom only, privtae reception area, poolside solemnisation area

Cons - L-shape march in, not so high ceiling


Amara hotel is the first hotel to be shortlisted for our consideration :) Am also exploring Concorde and Swissotel.

Missed out budgeting for extra wines & hard liquor!

March 19, 2012

The importance of reviewing your wedding budget from time to time to make sure everything is in check. We forgot one important item. Extra wines & hard liquor for our guests!

I digress. The more I think about it, the more tempted I am to design and tailor make my own cheongsam for tea ceremony and then also wear it once more when sending off the guests after the dinner ends (so it won't be wasted and just worn for the short period during tea ceremony only).

My evening gown should not be of pastel hues (just seems to be dull?) haa! I want the colour hues to be REAL VIBRANT.

Research & Shortlist completed for Overseas Pre-Wedding Shoot Studio!

March 8, 2012

We've finally completed our research and shortlisted the studio we want to do our overseas pre-wedding shoot with :)

I've also contacted Tiamo Korean Photography and Sarang Wedding. They have a vast range of studios to choose from and even offers videography short mv service which is really great. However, they do not have combo packages of indoor and outdoor shoot. For them, indoor and outdoor shoot are separate packages.

I did not give up asking Hanja Wedding despite them telling me the first time round that due to high cost, they no longer offer videography service. I requested again that they help me source and they came back with such a reasonable quote! Both indoor and outdoor MV shoot will only cost me....$1500! That's unbelievable right? If you want HD top up another $500. With this great news, we no longer need to fret over trying to find another videographer to go with us from SG or those based in Korea. Really troublesome to coordinate with so many parties!

But that's besides the point....combo package indoor & outdoor of $5300 + MV shoot $1500
It's LESS THAN $7K! That's such as good bargain considering we get to go both Jeju and Seoul, not to mention me having 7 different gowns for both indoor and outdoor shoots and of course Dan will also have more suits. We LOVE playing DRESS UP. HAHA!

And the reason for selecting them is of course not just because they are cheaper than the rest of the studios, most importantly value for money and very reasonably priced. I've viewed their portfolio and am really pleased with their work. Their email replies are very prompt and detailed. They are patient in acceding to special requests like mine and of course, very good follow up service rendered.

1 load off our minds :) I'm so excited!

2 more korean concept pre-wedding photography vendors found

February 26, 2012

Found 2 additional Korean Concept Photography vendors:

Ti-amo Korea Wedding Photography -
(They've a branch in Malaysia that's targeted at both Malaysia and Singapore market).

Sarang wedding -
(Operating from Hong Kong but caters to the Asia Pacific market as well)


Kinda interested in what Ti-amo Korea Wedding Photography has to offer. Their video shooting is very interesting!

Pre-Wedding Photography cinematography

February 26, 2012

All the wonderful moments, the experience of us creating our love story, the entire pre-wedding photography process...wishing for these to be captured down in video, not just photographs.

We've discussed and thought maybe to do away with the usual growing up montage. Instead, we will do a pre-wedding photography cinematography. Hope the budget allows! It was my idea and I'm rather surprised Dan said yes readily *chuckles

We only get to do this once, so we better do it well. Don't wanna have any regrets in the years to come, do we?

Watch this and you'll know what I mean! It's really lovely, not to mention loads of fun!;feature=related

Oh and ladies...I certainly do not agree with those who tells me that it is still too early to plan when the actual day is in 2014. I beg to differ. There're tons of research to do and ideas keep popping up! Just when we're sure we want to do this, when we come across another idea that could probably work just as well without breaking our piggy banks, and we go hey! that's something worth exploring.

Plan early....and you'll have ample of time to decide on what you really want. We certainly do not want to be stressed up doing last minute stuff.'s an enjoyable thing to be blogging about the planning process...from scratch :)

Princessy & Mermaid gown ideas for evening wear

February 26, 2012

If I want to MTM my EG, I'd definitely want something like those!

I actually like colour gradations alot. It makes the dress vibrant.

Dan is very good with sketches. Maybe I'll describe to him what I have in mind and get him to sketch it out. Haha!

And Dan is so cute and funny...I just saw he named our Wedding Preparations folder on his desktop Wedding Blockbuster!

MTM or OTR Gowns?

February 26, 2012

Like many ladies, when I first embarked on my research about bridal boutiques, I came across terms such as OTR (off-the-rack) or MTM (made-to-measure) gowns. Okay, I kinda know what OTR means. But what is the exact definition of MTM?

MTM gowns can be on rental, but you are actually paying a premium to customise your own gown that you will wear for the 1st time. Afterwhich, the gown will be returned back to the boutique and become an OTR gown.

It was rather interesting to read the views and opinions of ladies across all walks of life in the wedding forums. Below are some of their takes on whether to take OTR or MTM gown:

1) The idea of MTM your own gown sounds really exciting. But, if the design that you have in mind doesn't come out the way you want it, it can be a real disappointment. It may even turn out worser than a OTR gown for all you know. Worse still, people cannot tell that it is a MTM gown. Afterall, if you spend tons of money to MTM a gown, you'll have high expectations. There is a risk element. Some BS does not allow you to change to an OTR gown even if the MTM gown turns out ugly.

2) OTR gowns (are mostly worn by ex-brides) are generally safer choices for those without very good visualisation skills of how thhe MTM gowns will turn out to be like. Mainly for ladies who do not mind wearing gowns that other people have donned on before.

3) Huge cost difference between OTR and MTM gowns. For practicality purposes, you're only wearing the gown for 1 day. By paying thousands of dollars to MTM a gown on rental (not yours to keep in the end), is it really worth it?

4) Another side of argument would be MTM gowns allows personal customisation,  something that could be really unique and special. If it turns out really nice, you bet it will helluva leave a lasting impression on your guests for years to come!

What do I feel and think about my decision to either OTR or MTM my gowns after reading all these? I think I do not mind having an OTR Wedding gown if it truly is nice and I look pretty in it. Just need to have slight alterations made in terms of sizing to fit my petite frame. For my EG, I'd actually love to have it MTM. I've some ideas of how I'd like it to be.

Dan and I are quite particular about our outfits. So my guess is we'll probably look at middle range boutiques that are on the higher end scale.

I can be real dreamy about how I want my WG and EG to be like. Afterall, who wouldn't want the best for themselves since it is a once-in-a-lifetime affair? But, there is always a cap on the budget and we must remind ourselves constantly to spend within our means, be contented and stay happy with what we're able to get. There is no end to comparison.

Most importantly, I do agree with what a forumer has said: "It's a wrong mentality to MTM  gown just because you want it to be new and wear it for the first time. It might not be worth the money to do so."

More Wedding Dress Inspirations

February 25, 2012




This will make an extremely cute lovely tea dress. I like how the cheongsam and bubble hem are combined into 1 design.

Gowns from Le Grand Wedding are truly captivating.

Korea Overseas Bridal Photography

February 24, 2012

Well, I'm very keen to go Korea and do our bridal photography! Really adore Korean phtography concept and find them very cute. Their style of dressing, makeup, hairstyle are also very different. It'll definitely be a very memorable and exciting process for both Dan and I. We will do the shoot in autumn.

I've shortlisted the following (apparently only 3 I managed to find so far that has bridal studios in Korea itself):

1) Hanja Wedding (Enquired about package rates)

2) Seoul Wedding Express (Enquired about package rates)

3) I-Do Wedding (Enquired about rates but no response)

Let us now take a look at what these 2 bridal shops have quoted me (I'll only talk about the package that I'm interested in as they offer a few different packages):

Hanja Wedding

2 Day Seoul Indoor & Jeju Outdoor Combination Package:

- Korean style in-house makeup and hairdo (2 hrs)
- Korea studio in-house experienced photographer (4 to 5 hrs) indoor photoshoot
- 4 gown changes for bride (wedding gown, evening gown, mini dress & traditional korean gown hanbok)
- 1 tuxedo for groom and up to 2 backdrop matching outfits

- Korean style in-house makeup and hairdo (2 hrs)
- Korea studio in-house experienced photographer 5 to 6 hrs) outdoor photoshoot
- 3 gown changes for bride (wedding gown, evening gown, mini dress & traditional korean gown hanbok)
- 1 tuxedo for groom and up to 2 backdrop matching outfits

- Interpreter
- Transportation to and from hotel on days of photoshoot
- Associated transportation and entrance fees for photoshoot
- 40 page premium korean wedding album (12" x 15")
- 50 edited photos printed in album
- softcopy of all edited photosiels plus 300 unedited high res master shots for each 1 day shoot (current promotion)

They can customise the outdoor photoshoot locations e.g flower fields, modern cafes, traditional town houses, han river etc.

I do have a few other questions for them (pending their reply currently).

Package Price: $5,288 nett

If I do not want the album, it will be $5,038.

Seoul Wedding Express

Star Package (Seoul Indoor photoshoot only):

- 5 to 6 hrs shooting at Seoul Indoor Studio
- Transportation to photoshoot destination
- 1 to 1 korean photographer
- Korean make-up and hairstyling
- Korean designer wedding gowns (5 pcs) and tuxedos (4 sets)
- 1 korean made large portrait in gallery frame
- 1 korean made wedding album (20 single side pages)
- 40 edited photos for wedding album
- 1 coffee table wedding magazine album (20 pages)
- 1 pocket wedding booklet (20 pages)
- Design layout inclusive

- 4 coffee table photo frames (worth $400)
- 50 finished prints postcard 4R (worth $100)
- 250 unedited high res master shots (worth $6250)
- Pre-shoot consultation

Optional Upgrades:
- Add on $1200 to change it to full day outdoor photoshoot
- Add on $1000 to change it to half day indoor & half day outdoor photoshoot
- Add on $300 to upgrade to 30 page wedding album

Original package price: $4988 nett
Total price: $5988 nett (since I want a combination of both indoor & outdoor shoot)

Excluding tips for korean helper (about $100).

Both Hanja Wedding and Seoul Wedding Express packages are exclusive of hotel, airfare and airport transfers costs.


I'll most likely go with Hanja Wedding. Well, reason being they are flexible enough to take out the wedding album and make some deduction ($200 to $250) from the wedding package. We might consider doing the album separately as I found a wedding album maker locally called Glory Workz (need to check out rates first before making final decision).

The items offered by Seoul Wedding Express are similar to what Hanja Wedding offered but with lesser pages in Wedding Album and every page top up requires additional $100 unless I make a one-time top up of $300 to 30 page wedding album! *Gasps. This is exactly why I am considering to get back only softcopies of photos and make the album elsewhere as pure album makers will quote me a fixed price and not add on $100 for every additional page or photograph that I select! This is so ridiculous although I know it is a fairly standard practice in the local bridal shops industry.

Moreover, in the email, Seoul Wedding Express told me that they can do customised packages. Later on, when I mentioned to take out the wedding album etc, they told me they cannot do a package with these items removed but can customise a package at special prices if I wish to include other value added services. This is not called customising packages to me >.<

They told me that all they can do is to exchange the free gifts offered with other equivalent gifts. By the way, the free gifts offered in the Star package namely coffeetable photo frames and postcards are not of much use to us.

For a lesser price with Hanja Wedding, we get to go 2 locations Seoul and Jeju whereas for Seoul Wedding Express, we will only be in Seoul.

Almost every couple I know ended up topping thousands of dollars for the photographs and printing which I think is so not worth it.These bridal shops probably outsource the printing to other vendors and earn double from it. Doesn't make sense to me to let them do it. You can do it yourself too and prevent letting these dishonest bridal shops "carrot" you (they primarily earn from photographs and I've heard of horror stories whereby wedding coordinators show you black face when you refuse to top up for pictures)!

Wedding Dress Inspirations & Bridal Hairstyles

February 24, 2012

Wedding Dress Inspirations

Every girl dreams to be a princess and of course, to have the perfect wedding ball gown just like Cinderella! I'm no exception.

Although 2014 is still far away and there're bound to be many more new designs out  by then, I personally prefer the following gown shapes: Big and Dramatic Ballgown (sweetheart neckline), Mermaid, Halter or a bareback collared lacey Cheongsam. These are some of the wedding dress pictures that I found online:

This is a very classy, beautiful black full lace mermaid gown. I'm considering to tailor make my own cheongsam (think it is more worthwhile than renting if the price rental is about the same). This would make a lovely tea ceremony dress but off course until knee length only.

The makeup and hairstyle on this model is also GORGEOUS!

I cut this out from a magazine This is also another lovely lace white wedding dress, though not as impactful as a ballgown if you were to wear this for the 1st march-in.

This is a very simple, clean-cut but stunning ball gown. I love the glittery beading details at the bust area especially.

This is so stylish! Guarantee to be a head turner if you wear this during your 2nd march-in. Maybe can consider this for photoshoot outfit?

Another mesmerizing cheongsum number. I like the vibrant hues and frills.

Elegant mermaid gown
















sweet & dreamy bridal hairstyle

Love the butterflies!

Will not be wearing Kua for sure. Simply does not appeal to me as I think it will not look flattering on me.

Ideally, I hope to find a white ballgown, a lacey collared cheongsam and a mermaid gown!

Apply for Flat in 2012

February 15, 2012

We've been dating for 4 years already. 2012 is our 5th year together and we've finally made our 1st BIG Decision...Applying for a flat! (after many rounds of discussion obviously, since like forever)

Technically speaking, Dan has did a rather informal proposal before...(fail) so I'll be expecting a much better one from him again!

We've tentatively set our Wedding Day in 2014. Although it still seem so far away, we're already bubbling with excitement! I used to work in the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Exhibitions, Meetings) industry as an Events Organiser / Manager (for the past few years actually).It's a known fact that events planning can become seriously overwhelming.

Being the intuitive events planner (moreover it's my own wedding),I'm naturally more nervous about getting everything right.And before long....we've already drafted our wedding budget and wedding timeline! I've even begun to read forums on bridal boutiques, research on actual day photograhy, videography etc services.

Wedding Planning is a very FUN yet STRESSFUL process. I'm sure we'll tear each other's hair out from time to time...but it'll no doubt be one of our best moments in life, with the help from our good friends! :)

I've digressed. Let's rewind back to the Wedding Budget. For now, all projected expenses are within the limits of our set budget. But it's still dangerously close and I'm worried about bursting it :(

Weddings are such memorable yet expensive affairs. Months of planning leading up to that 1 Big Day.Indeed a hefty investment. If the budget is not managed properly, we might even find ourselves in debt. This is a REAL BAD Scenario that we want to avoid! I guess that just mean balancing our expectations versus the cash on hand.

Every bride has her own vision of how her dream wedding would be like. I'm also waiting earnestly to see how mine will eventually turn out to be! :)

Ciaoz for now...I'll blog again soon!

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