Apply for Flat in 2012

We've been dating for 4 years already. 2012 is our 5th year together and we've finally made our 1st BIG Decision...Applying for a flat! (after many rounds of discussion obviously, since like forever)

Technically speaking, Dan has did a rather informal proposal before...(fail) so I'll be expecting a much better one from him again!

We've tentatively set our Wedding Day in 2014. Although it still seem so far away, we're already bubbling with excitement! I used to work in the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Exhibitions, Meetings) industry as an Events Organiser / Manager (for the past few years actually).It's a known fact that events planning can become seriously overwhelming.

Being the intuitive events planner (moreover it's my own wedding),I'm naturally more nervous about getting everything right.And before long....we've already drafted our wedding budget and wedding timeline! I've even begun to read forums on bridal boutiques, research on actual day photograhy, videography etc services.

Wedding Planning is a very FUN yet STRESSFUL process. I'm sure we'll tear each other's hair out from time to time...but it'll no doubt be one of our best moments in life, with the help from our good friends! :)

I've digressed. Let's rewind back to the Wedding Budget. For now, all projected expenses are within the limits of our set budget. But it's still dangerously close and I'm worried about bursting it :(

Weddings are such memorable yet expensive affairs. Months of planning leading up to that 1 Big Day.Indeed a hefty investment. If the budget is not managed properly, we might even find ourselves in debt. This is a REAL BAD Scenario that we want to avoid! I guess that just mean balancing our expectations versus the cash on hand.

Every bride has her own vision of how her dream wedding would be like. I'm also waiting earnestly to see how mine will eventually turn out to be! :)

Ciaoz for now...I'll blog again soon!